Want a boat!

1967 Turid under the Sandö Bridge (drawing: Jakob)


Boats have always been important to me.

I grew up with a big boat called Turid, I sailed a lot in my teens and youth but since the age of 40 it has been empty. I've pushed it away by boat and tried to tell myself that it's not for me but just recently it didn't work anymore. I want a boat!

The realization came suddenly the other week. I long for the adventure, the feeling of standing at the helm towards an open horizon and watching the goal slowly appear on the horizon. I long for the planning of new journeys, to calculate courses and distances. I long for the exploration of new ports and places…

I briefly mentioned my longing for a boat to Eva and we started looking. It didn't take long before eyes fell on a long-keeled robust sailboat from the 1970s. Just over nine meters long. Standing height at the withers. Just enough for two but room for more if needed.

Contact was made with the seller and now, a couple of weeks later, we are on our way. Will it be a deal? We don't know that, but we are packing the car to be prepared to be able to sail it home immediately. On Sunday we will look at it.


  1. Very exciting to follow this dear friends. I'm thinking rowing boat o Danne has got a raft with some friends... WATER o WIND.

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