First weekend

Kon-Tiki cocktail served for Saturday night


After a few weeks of rest in the home port, it was time for the first (and maybe last) weekend at sea this summer. We took Friday off from work, packed what we needed and filled the boat. At eleven o'clock we cast off.

The weather forecast had been quite clear - northerly winds approx. 4 m/s, 8 in the villages. That should provide good conditions for a nice trip down to Järnäsklubb.

However, the wind was not quite what we thought. It actually came from the south and was quite powerful. In addition, we were not really prepared for the impact of the shallow Västerbotten coast on heavy seas. Especially outside Snöan (1 on the map) there is a large basic area that is difficult to avoid. Not very shallow, but 8-10 meters is enough for a southerly wind to produce a crab and quite dramatic lake.

Also, towards the end we saw how the thunderstorm towered over land and we prepared to get really wet. But we quickly slipped into Järnäsklubb's small pilot harbor after only a little rain and, as it was late in the afternoon, the clouds had already begun to dissolve.

Saturday 21 August
Saturday was a rest day. We had originally intended to go up to the jetty at Kalmarn, Norrbyskär, but it felt exposed because the wind was now really blowing from the northwest.

Instead, we stayed in the harbor and waited for a couple of visits, i.a. father who wanted to look at the boat.

In the evening we celebrated with a “Kon-Tiki cocktail", what Thor Heyerdahl and his crew drank together with father's three-man Alf Kinnander in Tahiti in 1947. More on that another time.

Kon-Tiki cocktail

1 gl well-chilled Cognac
1 gl well-chilled Cointreau
1 large ice cream with space for the contents of the other 2
Mix, toast and drink!

Sunday 22 August
We got away in good time in the morning for the journey home – this time inland at Norrbyskär (2 on the map). Still for the engine because we are inexperienced and would need a little quieter position for the tire exercises.

Once back in Pathholmsviken, it was time to moor for stormy weather. A lot of rain and wind was to be expected during the week.

Journey 2:

Departure Holmsund, Pathholmsviken: 11.10
Arrival Järnäsklubb: 16.40
Distance 29 nm

Departure Järnäsklubb: 9.20
Arrival Holmsund, Pathholmsviken; 15.20
Distance: 31 nm

Average speed: 5.2 knots
Engine time: 11.5 h


  1. SO stylishly decorated, homey. Everything perfect, now it's about everything finding its place. Can you install solar cells that can be turned to the angle of the sun for electric charging? Have seen such and it would be good to charge batteries of different types. You, Jacob the inventor, can probably find suitable solutions. FUN for little brains, always new technology in sight.

    1. There are actually solar cells on the ruff roof, albeit not rotatable. I still don't really know how much energy they give.

      Yes, there is a lot of exciting technology and technical solutions to think about. There is certainly no shortage of opportunities to be creative.

      Besides, it has to look nice. There will be some painting and varnishing projects etc. during the winter.


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